Brawlers Full Colour

Brawlers go Mad For It in Manchester!

By granitecitybrawlers, Mar 16 2019 02:33PM

In the middle of the cold winter, we made the trek to Manchester to play New Wheeled Order! NWO are Manchester Roller Derby’s MRDA A-team, ranked 5th in the world at the moment. Jumping on the Brawler Bus (provided by the wonderful Premier Coaches) we travelled to the outskirts of Manchester on a cold rainy Saturday. We had two games lined up that evening and our first game was Brawlers vs NWO.

Playing against NWO was a great learning experience for the Brawlers and it was a hard fought game! Our second game was a mixed scrim with more Manchester Roller Derby skaters, from the Chaos Engine B team. It was great to work with other skaters from a different team with different skating styles and tactics!

Some of our members came down to NSO and ref, working with other officials is always really fun and a good way to learn new things.

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